Play Fable Anniversary For PC! One Of My Favourite Games!

Welcome back gamers and I hope you are having a good day! Today I will be talking about one of my favorite games! Fable! But not just the ordinary one.

I will be talking about the Fable Anniversary, which includes the normal “Fable” and “Fable: The Lost chapters”. It also includes better graphics and you can also buy a DLC which you can add mods to Fable! How cool is that?

For those of you who don’t know the game, Fable is a single-player, action RPG (role-playing game).

You play the character of a boy who lives in Oakvale, a simple village where you live with your family. This boy sometimes dreams about becoming a very powerful hero or an evil warrior!

And it is from there that the story evolves. You can choose to be good or bad in this game. Every action will determine that, like in real life!

I will show you a bit of the beginning of the game in my next topic! I will be referring to the boy in first person from now on to the next topic.

A Little Gameplay Video About The Intro Of Fable!

I hope you enjoyed the video! As you can see in the intro, I was woken up by my father to find my sister, because it’s her birthday.

It seems I forgot it’s her birthday so I have to go around town performing good deeds so my dad can give me some gold in return for buying a present for my sister.

In the video, I did two good deeds and then went to my dad to get the money but the trader only sells me a chocolate box for 3 gold pieces. After the video, I did one last good deed and bought him the chocolate box.

Something terrible happens after I talk to my sister and give them the chocolate box. Bandits attack the village and kill almost everyone! They even kill my dad. My sister told me to hide so they didn’t find me, but the bandits took her hostage…

After that, I saw my friends and family taken away from me. I was alone.

I was going to run to my home and saw my father dead on the ground, I began to cry and was terrified. A bandit came to attack me but then suddenly a Hero appeared and killed him before he attacked me.

After that, he teleported me to the Guild of Heroes. He told me I needed to train to become stronger so next time this would happen I would be prepared.

I spent all my childhood training in the guild of heroes learning the three hero disciplines, which are melee, ranged, and magic!

I did a couple of tests and spent a couple of years getting ready to graduate. The boy was ready to become a hero!

After this, the guild master gave him the guild seal to return to the heroes’ guild every time he wanted and needed to.

Now The fun begins! Things to do after you graduate:

Now that you have graduated there is a whole world to explore!

  • Quests – The only way you are going to advance as a hero is by taking quests and completing them. To accept the quests you will need some renown.

Quests give you experience, money, and renown! And depends on whether you are going to be good or evil it will also affect your quests!

You will find the map table closer to the guild master in the heroes’s guild. After you complete the quests

Some quests require more renown than others. You can gain renown by doing more and more quests so people will start noticing you!

You will also have secondary quests that you do not need to complete, but you can do it if you are out of money or want to achieve more experience.

  • Use your experience on skills in the green light – On the heroes’ guild, on the map room, there will be a green light that you will be using a lot to spend all of your experience to evolve your XP types.


This is also very important for you to evolve as a hero!

You can evolve your three XP types here: Strength (Melee), Skill (ranged), and Will (magic).

In the “strength category,” you can gain more health deal more damage, and gain more resistance too. You can upgrade various levels until you reach the maximum level.

In “skill” you can upgrade your guile which is useful for stealth and better trades. You can also upgrade your accuracy to make more damage with the bow or crossbow. Also, you can upgrade your speed too!

In “Will”, you will be able to upgrade all of your spells and your magic power level. There are some awesome spells like “enflame”, “divine fury”, “infernal wrath”, and “fireball” and you can even upgrade them further to higher levels!

There are three types of spells: attack spells, surround spells and physical spells.

More Fun Things To Do On Fable!


  • Open chests with silver keys: All around Albion, (it is the name of the country where Fable takes place) you will find silver keys hidden, buried, or in lakes.

These keys are used to open chests, requiring an “x” number of silver keys…

For example, there is a chest in the heroes’ guild that requires 20 silver keys to open. Perhaps I will make a video or a post in the future about where to find all the silver keys!

The chests contain special weapons or items that you may want to acquire!

  • Gambling in pubs trying to make money faster: You can go to a pub to get a beer or so, but in almost every town there a pub with a game.

In these pub games, you will bet a certain amount of money that you have, and if you complete the game successfully, you will double the amount of money.

But if you lose, you will end up losing all the money that you bet, so be careful with the amount that you bet on these games!

There are 6 different pubs all around Albion…


  • Change your hero name: You start the game with your hero name being “chicken chaser”. Perhaps you want to change that…

Some traders can “sell” different names to you like: “Maleficus”, “Avatar”, “Ranger” and many more!

  • Unlock demon doors to receive good items:



As you can see in the video, I unlocked the demon door in the heroes’ guild. It was a riddle from the demon door saying that my path was dark. You only need to light up the candle that the guildmaster gave you after you graduated!

There are more demon doors and you will need to perform a certain action to open each one. They will contain some sort of good items for you to grab inside!

  • flirt and get married: In Fable, you can interact with other people, some of them might start to like you once you get some renown or if you have good looks (attractiveness).

If that person starts to like you a lot he/she will ask if you can propose to her/him and then you offer an engagement ring and if you own a house you can get married! How cool is that?


  • Books: You can go to the Bowerstone South teacher to give him some books and he will read them to the class and you. It’s a good way to learn Fable’s lore!
  • Use good or evil interactions: As you advance in the game depending on which path you choose, you can use different interactions to gain people’s trust, to show off, or even to make them fear you…

There are more things you can do like: get tattoos, cut your hair, and many more! This game is so cool you can do almost anything you do in real life!

Gameplay of Fable Anniversary!

In this part of the post, I will be showing you guys some gameplays of the game.

Here is the first one:

So, in this side-quest you will compete against Whisper ( a heroine that trained with you when you were a child on the heroes’ guild), to see who kills more hobbes that are infesting the area near the lake, trying to steal the supplies from the owner of the Orchard farm.

This quest can be a bit difficult because Whisper can get lucky and “steal” the hobbes from you that are almost dying…

I failed this quest a couple of times until I killed more mobs than her, as you can see in the video.

After I completed the mission, I gained some renown, experience, money, and a trophy!

By the way, I forgot to mention that every quest gives you a trophy, that you can show to people to gain renown and respect! Cool right?

After the quest was over, the Orchard farm owner thanked us and checked for damaged parts of the farm.

Now, I will show you a gameplay of a main quest, in the game. The quest will be about escorting some traders through the Dark Woods which are very dangerous! We need to reach the Barrow fields which is on the other side of the Dark Woods.

I took a boast to not let the two traders that I was escorting, die, this meant if they didn’t die I would gain more money with the mission.


As soon as we started walking we found another trader that has been bitten by a werewolf.

He can turn into a werewolf at any minute but I decided to help him anyway because I gain more good alignment.

I didn’t talk with the demon door that I found in the Dark Wood because it would call upon an army of hobbes and I didn’t want to face them at that time.

I fought a lot of bandits, they were trying to kill me and the traders too. I found a lot of chests and goods, along the way. Nice! We rested a bit at the Darkwood Camp and then, continued our way to Barrow Fields.

I was killing a lot of bandits when the trader who was infected said he was almost transforming into a werewolf. I tried to save him by giving him a health potion but I couldn’t give it to him as you can see in the video.

I couldn’t save him, even if I wanted to. He transformed into a werewolf and I had to kill him.

At Dark Wood Weir, which is the last map before arriving at Barrowfileds, I had to fight a giant creature (boss).

The path was closed by a barrier so I couldn’t pass until I destroyed the creature. At some point in the fight, I forgot to use a health potion and almost lost one resurrection vial!

After a few attacks with will, ranged, and melee I was able to destroy him, finally!

And then we finally arrived at Barrowfields, which by the way, is very close to Oakvale, the place where the boy (me) grew up and lost all his family…

I was able to complete the boast and gain a lot of experience too! Also, renown and of course gold… Mission Completed!

I also gained another trophy from the traders which is awesome!

Now It’s the time for you to Play!

Fable anniversary conclusion

So, for me, Fable Anniversary is one of the best old-school games out there, with an awesome story and even better gameplay!

The story will evolve a lot! You still have much to learn as a hero, revenge the death of your father, and find out if your sister and mother are still alive…

You also need to improve your experience skills and gain more renown! A lot of strange things and surprises will occur.

Don’t forget… Choose your path Wisely, hero!

There will be much more gameplay of Fable, That I will be posting on my YouTube channel:

The Best Place for gamers. YouTube Channel!

Until then, I will be posting more games! Perhaps more recent ones! My YouTube channel has some videos of two recent games which you can check it out!

I hope you enjoyed my review and gameplay of Fable Anniversary for PC and I will write to you in the next post!

Stay cool gamers!



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