Hey there gamers! So, are you looking for a Mount And Blade: Warband – The Lord Of The Rings Mod? Today I’m going to talk about the most well-known mod for Mount and blade, called: The Last Days of the third Age.

You will be playing in the map of Middle Earth and you can choose between The Dawn of a New Era, which stands for the dwarfs, elves and men. Or The twilight of Men which stands for Sauron, of Mordor and Saruman, of Isengard.

After choosing one, you will have to select a Kingdom, for example, if you decide to be part of the men race, you will have to decide between Gondor, Rohan, Dunedain and more.

After this, you will need to choose a city of the Kingdom you belong, for example Gondor has Minas Tirith or Lossanarch and you can decide which one you want to be from. You can also choose to be female or male and be of royal blood or not.

I like these choices we need to make before we start. It makes the game much more interactive in the campaign itself.

Like in the Native Mount and Blade Warband, (Click here to see my review of it) you can give attributes and skills to your character and also choose a name for him! How cool is that?

Note: This is kind of, a review. If you want to find the mod and download it, HERE IS THE LINK. Plus it will have one in the bottom as well.


The Last Days Of The Third Age Campaign:

So. as you can see on the image above, you are in the Middle Earth and there are a couple of cities on the image, like Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul. There is a lot more cities and structures in this map, like Erebor, Isengard, Hornburg, etc.

You will need to gather troops soon, because when you get level 8 by default, a war will start between good and evil and you need to be strong when it begins. You can change the level for when the war will start. It can variate between 6 and 20.

So go to other allied cities or castles and start to recruit as soon as possible. the more you recruit, the stronger team you will have. Also, you will need to find small groups of enemies so you can upgrade your troops better.

But be careful, like in the Native Mount & Blade, if you find an enemy and you go and rush to fight him, another enemies nearby may join the fight! If you have the mode realistic (no quitting without saving) you can lose the fight and not be able to go back, which is a shame, so keep an eye on that.

I really got to tell you: this game mod is extremely difficult, even at the easiest difficulty! At the beginning it will be very hard to make any kind of money, because the enemies will have small groups, making it very difficult to loot something from them.

You also will have a lot of missions to do, but the rewards are not that great, making it very difficult to buy any kind of equipment and it’s hard to manage your troops as well. Plus some missions are difficult too.

Inside of structures / Battle Mode:

One thing that I really like in this mod, is the fact that the structures and its design are amazing and beautiful. Just take a look of the image above, (that I took a screenshot of) in the highest place of Minas Tirith, where the “Tree of the King” is positioned.

It’s amazing how the developers made this complicated structures so well, that are very similar to the movies. Don’t forget that the game mod is still in development, which means they will be adding more awesome content to it! I didn’t realize the city of Minas Morgul was so large until I played this mod.

Most of the missions you will do is going to be with the guild master (Gondor) or an orc chief (Mordor). Sometimes they may ask you to gather food or to destroy a camp nearby. But you can also do missions to every Lord of each settlement. For example, deliver a letter from Faramir that is located in the west of Osgiliath to his father, Lord Denethor in Minas Tirith.

All the settlements will also have a Barracks, where you can recruit soldiers, or orcs depending on for which faction you are playing with.

You will also find in every allied structure, a smithy that will have the equipment you need for you. For an example: weapons, gloves, boots, etc… And a warehouse here you can buy horses/wargs and all kinds of food.

If you fight large troops, it’s common they will drop scrap metals, which are made for you to make some money, after you defeat the enemy in battle. This is different from Mount and Blade: Warband Native, because you will loot a lot more easily there, making your inventory almost full in just two or three fights.

The fights will be hard too. If you fight at least 10 more enemies than your number of soldiers, even in the easiest difficulty, you will probably loose, if you have low quality soldiers.

You will need to grow little by little if you want to have a decent amount of soldiers/orcs and do not engage into large armies.

The Largest War Of the Third Age:

As I said above, once you are at level 8, (by default) the war between good and evil starts! Some cut scenes will appear, although different to any kind of race. With Gondor, you will see a Rohan Village being Raided by wargs, troops coming out from Minas Morgul and even Gandalf will come to ask you to help Lord Denethor!

It’s from this point that things will start to get more interesting. Until now, you gathered some troops, made some money and found better equipment, but now, you have to fight for your faction and structures and settlements will be conquered!

You will fight large and strong troops from now on, but you also will have a lot of allies to help you! The more you conquer settlements and kill more enemy groups, the stronger you will become.

Before the war starts’, the commanders of each faction, will be halted in their castles not doing much, only giving you missions. But after, the real action and adventure begins!

It is going to be a war between Gondor, Rohan, elves and dwarfs versus Mordor, Isengard, Haradrim, goblins and more!

Each faction will have its own Governor and his commanders: for example Mordor will have Mouth of Sauron as a governor and Gondor will have the Steward Denethor. There are a lot of commanders and you are one, depending on of the faction you will choose.

Once the war starts’ chaos will be installed in Middle Earth! The troops you will fight will be a lot stronger than the ones before the war. You will have to be very cautious not being caught against a lot of enemies (at least not more than 100 compared to the ones you have) or it will be your end.

So, I like the war they made in this mod. It gives me chills and you almost don’t have anytime to “rest”. If you are looking to always be fighting, this mod is for you!

Final Thoughts:

I really hope this is the mod you were looking for, HERE IS THE LINK TO IT. This is an amazing action adventure, RPG mod where you control the races of The Lord of the Rings Middle Earth. You will also find some heroes, like Gandalf Faramir, Eomer etc. And also some villains like Mouth of Sauron, Lurtz Saruman etc.

There are some similarities with Mount and Blade: Warband Native, after all this is just a mod of it, but a good one. Do visit my review about it in the link above. It will have both good and bad points of the game and some tips to play it better, plus some links to where you can buy the game, if you want to.

The mod of “The Last Days is on the version 3.5 so they are developing it yet, so maybe in the future, it will be more awesome than now!

Do comment below if I made any mistakes on the review of the mod, or if you have something to say (good or bad) about it. Did you enjoy the mod? what would you add to it?

So, I really hope you enjoy this little review and see you in the next post. I will be making a review of another game or perhaps make more content about Mount & Blade.

Good bye!