Hi there gamers and welcome to my website! Today we will be talking about Minecraft once again.

This time we are going to “hell” of Minecraft, or as you can see from the title, you may also call it by its name: The Minecraft nether world!

The nether can be really challenging because you have a lot of enemies and a lot of lava you can fall in.

But at the end of the day, you really need to go there because you need to make advancements, gain XP and to advance and conclude the game itself. So you really got to go to the Nether!

At least to have some fun…

Since the version 1.16 of Minecraft was out, the Nether changed completely. I am going to explain ahead what changed from the old version to the new one, but I will be focusing more after the 1.16 update.

The developers of minecraft also added more mobs, new biomes and even a new fortress to the Nether! Which I will explain in detail, below.

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How To Enter The Nether?

First of all, before you go to the nether, you need to create the portal to go there. Nether is completely different comparing with the overworld (the overworld it is similar to the earth in real life). It is filled with lava and a lot of hostile mobs

“But how do I create the portal” you ask? Well its not too complicated. You need to mine obsidian (you will need a diamond pickaxe to do that), or convert lava and water to obsidian to make a shape of a portal.

I will show in this video:

First of all, sorry about my English, its not my native language, but as you can see I created the nether portal two times and in two different ways:

1st method – This is the most common one where you grab a diamond pickaxe and just mine the obsidian. After that, you just make the portal as I showed you on the video (you will need 10 obsidian without the four block corners of the portal.)

2nd Method – Use lava and water into buckets and make the shape of the Portal with them. A bit confusing at the first times but I am sure you will be able to do it too.

There are also some abandoned nether portals all around the minecraft overworld.

Normally they will have a chest with good loot for you to grab. They are broken or incomplete but if you have some obsidian with you, you can finish building the portals and you can activate it with flint and steel!

To make flint and steel you just need a gravel, convert it to flint and combine with an iron bar. It’s purpose its to light up the portal as you can see in the video above…

The “ruined portals” feature is only available after the 1.16 version of Minecraft.

“Old” Nether vs 1.16 Nether…

In this part of this topic I will tell you what changed from the old school nether to the new one.

Let’s start from what the old nether has:

  • Nether Fortresses: They will contain everything you need to have to advance in the game. In these fortresses you will find blazes!

They can drop blaze rods, that you are going to need to make potions and other stuff with the brewing stand.

You can also make eye of ender, (with blaze powder and ender pearl) that can be used to find the portal to the end. You also going to need nether warts that can be found in the fortress too.

You can also find in there, the mob wither skeleton and they can drop wither skeleton’s skulls which you can create a boss with it, named Wither! You need three skulls to create the Wither boss!

  • Same Nether Biome Everywhere: The legacy nether has the same biome everywhere. It’s filled with lava and netherrack and occasionally you will also find some soul sand along the way.

Other than that, magma cubes, a lot of zombie piglins and the annoying ghasts, I hope you brought some arrows with you!

Oh I forgot to mention that you will also find a lot of quartz along the way. Quartz its a good way to farm XP!

This is just my opinion but the legacy nether is a bit easy and not challenging enough compared to the new one. The 1.16 version is so much cooler! What do you think?

“So what does the new nether has to offer” do you ask?

Well I have to say, they added a lot of stuff to it! Plus all the “old” biomes and mobs still exist in this version. I think its amazing the update they added to the nether. I really like it!

  • New Biomes and Creatures: They added four new biomes to the nether in this new version:

Soul sand valley biome, which has bone blocks and a lot of soul sand and soul soil. In this biome, ghasts and skeletons spawn. Be careful with the ghasts in this biome, because the soul sand can slow you down and you can die quickly.

Basalt Deltas biome which is very dangerous if you are not careful where you’re stepping, because the way it is generated, you can fall into lava without even noticingMagma cubes spawn here and they drop magma cream that can be used to make fire resistance potions.


Crimson Forest is where the hoglins spawn and they can knock you up and deal a lot of damage to you. Gladly, the piglins that spawn in this biome can help you kill the hoglins (they also don’t like them…).

Here you will also find a lot of huge fungus that look like a tree, and if you collect them, it will give a type of wood.

This can be very useful in the nether if you ran out of it.

Warped Forest also contains the huge fungus but its in different color. Endermen will spawn here a lot which can be good to farm some ender pearls.

But be careful, endermen are pretty strong if you are not well-equipped! I hope they add some more stuff in this biome it seems a little “empty” and too simple. But its just my opinion…

  • Bastion: Besides of the new biomes and creatures they add, they also included a new type of fortress! How cool is that?

It’s very challenging and its called bastion, the piglins fortress, with a lot of items to loot!

But be careful, this is not an easy task, because its protected not only by the normal piglins but the strongest ones called piglin brutes!

These brutes are equipped with a golden axe (all piglins love gold) and will deal a lot of damage when they see you… They are hostile mobs.

These bastions will have a lot of gold around it and some chests with amazing loot. You can even find netherite or ancient debris inside of the chests!

  • Ancient Debris: Yes you can find ancient debris on the bastions, but you can also mine it. You can find ancient debris on the lower depths of the nether.

The best Y position to find ancient debris is 16 but even there you have low chance of finding being very rare. You need a diamond pickaxe to mine this rare block.

“What is the purpose of ancient debris?” you ask?

You can smelt it on the furnace to make netherite scrap! After that, you will need four netherite scraps and four gold bars and you can make a netherite bar on the crafting table!

The netherite bar can be used to upgrade your diamond gear and armor to netherite in the smithing table!

You’ll be more powerful and resistant after that. Also, the items with netherite will last longer and if they fall in lava they will not be burnt!

Let’s go Into The New Nether! Be Careful!

Before you enter the nether world, you need to be well-prepared! Bring a piece of golden armor with you because the piglins will only attack you if you don’t have it, so you can trade with them some gold bars.

Yes you will need some gold for that, so you can get at least one or two fire resistance potions from the piglins. They spawn everywhere in the nether and they can give you items once you “toss” a gold bar to the ground! Cool isn’t it?

After you get potions of fire resistance you will be safer in the nether because it can save you if you fall in lava or against fighting blazes. You just become immune to fire for some time!

Bring some arrows and a bow to fight Ghasts and skeletons and a good axe or sword too.

Have at least full iron but don’t forget a piece of golden armour! It’s good to bring some boots with feather falling too. The nether is full of holes in the ground and unstable platforms.

If you are very careful and experienced you don’t need all these requirements and it also depends on your game difficulty.

I made a video exploring the nether in easy difficulty so you guys can see what it looks like in a nether fortress without having any fire resistance:

I haven’t played in a while but the difficulty is in easy so I managed to gain some advancements and explore the nether fortress.

One good tip that I can give you is: when you enter the nether for the first time, save your coordinates where your portal spawned, because if you forget and go too far you can get lost in there!

I forgot to save mine but I didn’t go too far away because I was extremely lucky and the nether fortress spawned close to the portal. Just click F3, right down your X Y and Z. I hope this helps you, friends.

While I was looking for blazes to drop blaze rods I fought a ghast.

As you can see I didn’t have a bow and he gave me a hard time to deal with him, but at the end I managed to send the fireball back to him, completing the advancement “return to sender”!

While I was in the fortress, I found nether warts, which are very important to make potions.

You can bring them to the overworld to grow them too, it doesn’t need to be grown in the nether. You can also use the nether warts (if you manage to have plenty) to trade with villagers, for emeralds!

After a while I found a blaze spawn, finally! I killed some blazes to gain some blaze rods earning the advancement: “Into fire” and then returned home. It was pretty fun I really like exploring the nether!

Oh I forgot to mention: I was able to also find some magma cubes that dropped magma cream which I can now use them to make potions of fire resistance.

Here is a video to showing you how to make fire resistance potions:

Awesome things to do in the nether!

“So, what are the best things to do in the nether”, you ask? Well, there are a lot of them… I am going to make a list and explain the things that you can take advantage of the nether and have some fun too, by doing it! Here is the list:

  • Nether hub and ice roads – Did you know if you walk 1 block in the nether, its the same as if you walked 8 blocks in the overworld?

Thanks to that tip I invested some of my time in making a nether hub and ice roads in the nether.

Yes you can use ice in the nether, but not water!

You need to make your nether hub in the beginning, where you have you portal connected to your home.

Then make the roads where you need to travel and add some ice on the ground on that roads. I recommend blue Ice or packed ice which are the best to travel with a boat. This is what the road looks like:

I will make a post on the future on how to make a nether hub! Leave a comment and tell me what you think about the nether hub.

  • Achieve some nice advancements – There are some nice advancements in the game that you can achieve by playing in the nether, like: “hot tourist destination”, that you achieve after visiting and explore all 5 biomes of the nether.

“We need to go deeper”, that you achieve right after entering the portal to the nether for the first time.

“Those were the days”, achieved by entering a piglin fortress also known as bastion. And there are a lot more of advancements to achieve in the nether!

  • Explore Bastions – As I mentioned before you can explore bastions to gain a lot of loot and to be challenged by the brutes! its an awesome and challenging place!
  • Trade with Piglins – Trade some with the piglins by tossing gold bars to them (as explained above.) They can drop a lot of good stuff as crying obsidian, fire resistance potions, etc.
  • Explore Nether fortresses – Discover and explore these challenging fortresses and fight some blazes, wither skeletons and more!

Go to my video above since I explore one in it. Don’t forget to pickup the skulls of the wither skeleton and later on fight the Wither Boss!

  • Go to the end after you’ve done exploring the nether – After a while if you have enough blaze powders combined with ender pearls, you can try to find the end.

At this point you already explored the nether but you can always comeback if you need anything and you can even make an ice road close to the end, from your nether hub!


So, in my opinion, Nether is a really challenging place, full of mobs and cool biomes. I love the new nether with the bastions and how it is designed to be more difficult than the older one.

If you play in hard be careful not to die even with full netherite because the nether can be quite difficult. But that is why it is so fun!

I hope you enjoyed this article please comment below if you have any doubts or if you want me to publish more about minecraft…

By the way, I am using shaders on the videos. You can use shaders if you have optifine installed and have a decent PC. It will make Minecraft look very cool. You need to try it!

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You can also add some mods to the nether which I will talk about it in another post.

Let’s go to the Nether then?

See you on the next post! Take care gamers!

Bruno A.K.A Chester