Hi once again gamers and welcome to my website for the first timers! Today I will show you the best Minecraft mods ever made and where you can download them.

For those who don’t know, mods can add a feature to the game itself, in this case the game is Minecraft. But there are other games that support mods.

Mods are made by the fans or players of the game and can be a lot of fun and entertaining, besides being free! You can even add multiple mods to Minecraft!

WARNING! You will need Forge Mod Loader for the mods to work! Click here to download forge for the version you are in! Be careful with the ads of the website can mislead you to somewhere else! Just wait five seconds and then click on skip at the top right.

If you want to play Minecraft modded with your friends, you will need to also have the Forge, on your server installed!

The best version that has more compatible mods is 1.12.2!

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“I want to play Minecraft with my friends!”

As you can imagine from the title, in the first one, you can buy Minecraft cheaper (both Java and Windows 10 Edition). Sometimes the price really goes down! I saw the other day 80% of discount on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, so it’s a great website for you to purchase PC games.

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But, I know you are here for a different reason, you can read this two after. You want to know the best Minecraft mods out there, right?

So without further ado here they are!

The Awesome Mo’ Creatures Mod!

So, this is an amazing mod created and developed by Dr Zark. It adds a lot of new monsters and animals to the overworld of Minecraft and it also adds some new items and crafts. Some of these mobs probably are not created yet or you are not able to find them, because this depends on the version that you are in Minecraft.

The mobs that this mod includes exist in real life, well at least almost all of them, there are some monsters that don’t exist, like werewolves.

There are a lot of ocean animals too!

You can divide these mobs in 3 categories: aggressive, neutral and passive.

  • Aggressive / hostile mobs will attack you after they see you, even if you didn’t attack first. Here are some of them: tigers, lions, manticores and werewolves, etc.
  • The Neutral mobs will only attack you, if you attack them first, like: bees, boars, black bears, dolphins, kitties etc
  • And passive, that will not attack and even flee if you attack them. Some of them are: ants, birds, rabbits, butterflies, etc.

There are some new items in Mo’ Creatures that you can gather by killing the mobs. You can even make an omelet with any mob that drops eggs!

Be careful, because this mod can be very difficult! The mobs are very strong and some of them will attack you even in the daylight.

But besides that, great mod! It has so much potential, but at the same time, it’s already awesome!

Get the mod here!

The Best “Map Mods” Out there!

Have you ever feel like you’re lost in the Minecraft overworld? Can’t find your way home? If so, I can help you with that.

There are some mods that will help you find your way, whether is to a village, a fortress, your home or even, the end!

Not only that, but you will have a minimap on your screen that will guide you.

These mods work this way: let’s say for example you are at home. Simply create a waypoint and name it ” My home”. If you go too far away, you can see it even if you are miles away. Which is great for you to find your house, just follow the waypoint! You can create waypoints anywhere, anytime.

This can save some precious minutes in the game, because you won’t be looking for your house anymore, you will know where it is. Also, you can create as many waypoints as you like. Great!

The best mods that I know that has these features are: Xaero’s World Map, Voxel Map and for older Minecraft versions, Rei’s Minimap.

You can click above in the links for the map mods that you desire. There are more mods with this function, so check the curse forge website for more, if you really need! It even has some mods for another games that you can check out later.

Don’t forget that all of these mods are free, but if you want, you can help the developers with donations.

Aether, “The Heaven” Of Minecraft!

Everyone knows the official version of the hell of Minecraft which is the Nether. Although you will need a lot of things in there, it’s still very difficult to travel and survive in it. This is what makes it so challenging!

What if there was a version similar to this but for the heaven? Well don’t worry there is one mod already, called Aether that you will travel not “down the earth” but up in the sky and clouds!

To actually go to Aether you will need glowstone and a bucket of water, so basically you will need to go to the Nether first, before going to Aether, to get the glowstone! Ironic isn’t it?

You will then (on the overworld) build the same structure as the nether Portal, but with glowstone instead of the obsidian and water instead of fire in the middle of it. Ready? So let’s jump to the aether!

Once you are in there, it will be a completely different world. you will see flying cows and pigs, different minerals/ores and different crafts, even the pickaxes work differently. It’s a completely new world!

It also has some hostile mobs, so it isn’t the perfect heaven as you thought it would be. But that, (at least for me) makes it cooler.

That are some dungeons too there, and they are pretty fun. It has chests that could have a lot of good materials, but the dungeons are full of traps and even some chests are “fake”. Oh I forgot to mention, there are bosses too, inside!

Get Aether or Aether II

Click here to see how you can play this or other mods with your friends! You just need to add the forge to your server and follow the guidelines of that post I have created, for you to be able to play!

Or click here if you still don’t have any official edition of Minecraft and want to buy one. It will contain both editions: Java and Windows 10!

The Unique Twilight Forest!

This amazing mod, is like Aether. You will also need to create a portal to go to the Twilight Forest dimension, and I will explain now, how you can do that.

To create the portal you will need 4 poppy flowers and 8 dandelion flowers, 2 buckets of water and a diamond! You can place the items as you can see in the picture. After you placed all the items in the dirt, you will need to find a diamond to activate the portal.

So you will still need to play awhile in the overworld, if you are playing in survival mode, before going to the Twilight Forest!

Find the diamond? Great! I suggest you will find a few more diamonds before going, because this mod is pretty difficult (at least go full iron armor)!

So if you are ready to go, put the diamond in your hand and toss it (Q) to the water of the portal you just made!

Done the portal is active, you are ready to travel to another dimension. Here we go!

So now that you are inside of the Twilight Forest, you probably are spotting some completely different trees comparing with the overworld and some different structures.

Be careful with these structures though, because all of them are dungeons, meaning there are no safe “houses”. All of them has either bosses, mob spawners or truly strong mobs!

Also, this mod adds new biomes inside of the portal, new mobs (as you can imagine) and some nice beautiful tress like the mushroom ones (and many more). Oh and new soundtracks too!

These giant structures, as you see in the image above, contain a lot of strong mobs and some of them even has bosses. Some of them are: Boss twilight Lich, Naga which you first need to go through a maze to find it, Hydra and many more!

There is one final castle that you will find eventually that has the final boss, but that will be a surprise for you when you arrive there. Good luck!

Are you ready for it? It will be pretty difficult but it’s what makes this mod awesome!

Download the mod here!

Let’s play some Portal In Minecraft!

So, have you ever played the games called Portal and Portal 2? If so, you are going to like this mod a lot! Probably even if you didn’t play it you are going to love it!

Why, you ask? Because this mod adds the Portal gun to Minecraft, and it’s amazing the combination of the two games.

I am going to explain to you, how the Portal gun works. There will be more than one gun in this mod, but it will only change the color of the portals!

You have two triggers on the Portal gun. The left button and the right button, which will create two portals one from each trigger. You can even see through the Portals to see where you are going on the other side. You can create the portals close or far away from each other. It’s your choice!

This can be very useful from different things: travel far away by only going through the portals, if you set them up that way and can also be good to move things from one place to another, because items can also go through the portals.

You can even build speed momentum by jumping through portals on the top of a hill! It’s a bit difficult for me to explain how the mod works but if you test it for yourself, you will see that is amazing! You can even challenge gravity!

This mod will lag your PC a bit so you need a decent PC to be able to run it, especially if you have to many active portals.

That’s it for this mod guys, I think it’s so good that you can use the Portal gun in Minecraft and if you have good imagination you can do so much cool stuff with it!

Get the mod here!

Final thoughts!

Okay gamers, I hope you enjoyed my post about the best mods for Minecraft, out there!

Probably you’re thinking that you know different and some better mods and if you want them to appear here, just comment down below your favorite mods and I will add it to the list!

I tried to add the most popular mods but some of them are my favorites too, so it’s normal if your favorite mod doesn’t appear because we all have different tastes…

I know another few mods, like the tree cutter mods, furniture mods, magic mods etc. But I believe I choose the best ones and more popular too. Oh, Shaders is also a good mod if you have a good PC! Try it out!

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I hope you enjoyed your stay here at my website, please comment down below if you have any doubts of the mods or anything to add!

Stay cool!