Hi there gamers! If you’re visiting this website post, probably you’re wondering where to buy Minecraft for PC, right?

In today’s post I will tell you where to find it. Plus, in this website that I am going to show you, it’s cheaper than usually!

I’m also going to talk about the game itself and how to play it.

You can play Minecraft for free, if you have Microsoft Windows 10. The Minecraft Windows 10 Edition will come along with it. But you will have a lot of restrictions. For example if you want to invite someone to play along with you, you will have to buy the game to unlock that feature.

There are two Editions of Minecraft out there: the java Edition and the Windows 10 Edition. The java edition can work on Mac or Linux too, besides Windows.

Which one of them do you want to buy?

click here for the Java edition.

click here for the windows 10 Edition.


Minecraft: Start an adventure!

So, if you bought the game or you are testing it out yet, great! This is an amazing game.

At first, I thought to my self when I saw a friend playing it: “This game has no graphics and it’s a pixelated game. I will never enjoy playing this…”. Well, I decided to try it for one hour. Oh boy, how I was so wrong. It was one of the best experiences of my life. It got me hooked up!

When you select single player, there are different modes of game (creative, survival or hardcore).

  • In creative mode you basically can do whatever you want. You can’t die, you are able to fly around and you have all the items in your possession. This mode is very useful to test out anything you want or to build structures. Plus you can brake blocks instantly.
  • The most known and played is the survival mode, where you have to craft your own tools, gather and manage your own food, fight monsters and dig down to find some minerals. This mode is so awesome!

You can explore caves with a lot of mobs in a high difficulty, this could be a bit dangerous, but the rewards are amazing. You can even find some Diamonds! These are pretty rare. I loved the feeling of the first time that I found them. Also, there are different biomes you can explore like jungle, desert, forest and many more.


  • And then we have the hardcore mode, which is pretty similar to survival mode, but you play it always in the hardest difficulty and you’re only allowed to die once. After you die you enter in spectate mode and can’t play anymore on that map. You have to start a new one. It’s pretty difficult and frustrating when you have like 60 days on the map and you make a single mistake and die, it’s all over!

You can choose different types of difficulty too (peaceful, easy normal and hard). Except if you are playing in hardcore mode which the hardest difficulty will always be locked. If you play peaceful there are no hostile mobs to attack you.

Explore the Amazing World of Minecraft!

The overworld of Minecraft is very large and also can be very entertaining. You can do so many things in it, like building your own house, visit NPC villages, fight a lot of mobs during the night, mine and much more!


In the Survival mode, you will spawn at a random biome and at random coordinates. You will then have to find some food and ideally wool so you can make a bed to sleep. Also, you will need to start gathering some wood to craft your tools and to cook your food if you don’t find any coal.

When the night comes, you will need to find some sort of hideout, (at least for the first days, until you get a bed) because the mobs will spawn all the time until the sun rises and there will be a lot of them. Once you get a bed, you can sleep over the nights, which it will guarantee your survival in the beginning.

After you have crafted some tools, (sword, pickaxe, axe, etc) you will now need to find some iron ore because if you find at least one, you can smelt it and with some wood you can make a shield which will protect you against a lot of mobs like creepers explosions. Also, you can make an iron armour if you find enough iron, which it will protect you a lot too.

You can also visit villages and trade with the villagers so you can get emeralds or other resources you will need. There are different kinds of villagers and each one will trade with you different materials. You can also protect the village from mobs because the zombies will kill the villagers.

There is also an iron Golem to protect the villagers of raids from mobs and the pillagers. And you can participate on the raids as well, and the villagers will appreciate it a lot, by trading with you cheaper, if you win the raid!

Try Minecraft for yourself: (Minecraft Java Edition) or  (Minecraft WIndows 10 Edition)!

There are also neutral mobs that will not attack you, like animals, and you will need them. For example, you will need sheep fur to make a bed, cow’s milk to take off any effects (like poison) or chicken eggs to make a cake. And it’s not a lie!

You can also kill the animals. If you kill a cow you will get one or two beefs and probably leather two. if you kill a pig you will get pork chops only. So as you can see you can benefit from the neutral mobs as well. The hostile mobs will also drop items for you, if you killed them.

Travel to Nether And Other Dimensions!

There are some other dimensions besides the overworld in Minecraft, like the nether, the end, aether(which you can only play with mods, but more of that later) and more.

  1. In the nether, that can also be known as the “hell of Minecraft“, you will get some essential items that you will need in the future. Plus you will get to fight different mobs like blazes, ghasts and Zombie pigmen. These zombies are very different from the overworld, if you attack one, every zombie pigman that is close will start to chase you to kill you and they are stronger too.

You must be very careful in the nether because it’s full of dangerous mobs and it’s filled with lava and a lot of holes. So don’t try to “parkour” on the nether too much, or you will fall in to the lava quite easily.

Normally if you die, you can still recover your items, by going after them in the spot that you died, if you’re not playing in hardcore of course. But if you fall in lava, your items will also fall in it, making you lose all the items permanently.

To go to the nether, first you must build an obsidian portal and use the flint and steel to activate it. Once you are in the nether if a ghast destroys a bit of obsidian of the portal and you don’t have any more of it with you, you can be trapped in the nether (if you are playing on single player mode) , until you find some obsidian on chest, in an nether fortress, which is pretty rare.

  • So, the end dimension, is where you can fight the ender dragon and you can even pick up an Elytra, which with it, you will be able to fly around everywhere. Also, the end is the home of the Endermen.

It’s one of your final achievements but it doesn’t mean that the game will be over. You can still do a lot after killing the ender dragon. For example exploring the end completely. But you can only comeback to the overworld once you defeat the ender dragon.

These two and the overworld are the official dimensions on Minecraft but, there are more, as I mention before but you have to install mods which will be my next topic.

Add More Fun to The Game: Mods!

Minecraft is pretty fun, but if you are getting bored anyway or you just want to have more fun, there is a way to fix that! You can add some mods to the game either to help you with shores, fight with bosses or simply because you like the mod.

Mods are like expansions, they add something to the game like the tree chopper that will help you cut trees faster or mob creatures that will add more creatures to the overworld of minecraft.

If you want to download any kind of mods, try it here: Minecraft Mods. It will send you to another website, you just have to search for the name of the mod that you desire and then download it.

I also like to add mods to the game, and here are some of my favorites: Mob Creatures, Rei’s Minimap, Optifine, Shaders, Aether and the Twilight Forest. But there are so much more mods!

Some mods may contain bugs (errors), but they are often updated releasing new features and bug fixes, just like Minecraft itself.

Now I want to know which mods do you like more. Which one is your favorite? Please do tell me in you comment below.

Conclusion – “I Want To Start Playing it NOW!”


So, are you so eager to play Minecraft as I am? If you want, you can acquire the game here:

Minecraft (WIndows 10 Edition)

Minecraft (Java Edition)

In the future I will do a walk-through of how you can play the Minecraft Java Edition with your friends, if you or one of them has a good PC.

There are even more Minecraft games out there, like: Minecraft dungeons(released this year), Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Education Edition and more, which I will review one of them in different posts, in the future!

If you have any ideas to add any content to my website please do tell me. Do you have any kind of favorite games you would like to see on my website? Or do you want to see more “Top X”? Do comment down below if you do and I will post it as soon as possible!

So, without further ado, I will say good bye and “see” you on the next post!

Thank you so much for reading this!