I Will Show You How To Play Portal 2!

Hi, once again fellow gamers and welcome to my website! Today we will be talking about how to play Portal 2 for PC, which is a great game, and I am sure that you will like it as well!

Portal 2 is one of the most well-known puzzle games and it’s very challenging and cool to play. You need to use portals with the Portal gun and you can travel between places with them!

The events of Portal 2 are linked to the Half Life universe and occur some time after The original Portal.

Portal 2 was created by Valve Corporation, the same creators of Steam. The game has two different modes. Single Player and Cooperative mode.

Firstly, I will make a couple of videos about how to play Portal 2 single Player and then I will talk about the cooperative game up ahead…

I will explain the videos in detail! So stay tuned!

The Beginning of Portal 2!

So, as you have seen in the video, you woke up in a room and you need to follow some instructions such as look up, look down, walk etc… If you have a mouse and keyboard it’s easy to control.

Use the “WASD” keys to walk and use the mouse to look up and down. To interact with objects just click “E” by default and use control to crouch. These controls are by default and you can change it whenever you want in “settings”!

You’re inside an Aperture Science facility, serving as a test subject. Here, you’ll complete various puzzles in different rooms, similar to the first Portal.

This happens after you defeat glaDOS and you are taken back inside. After the voice tells you to go to sleep, a lot of time passes and everything is different.

A robot named wheatley comes through the door talking and then drives you to the test chambers. Wheatley will be your clumsy companion throughout the game. He is a bit funny on how he manage things but he helps you get out of your room, at least.

You begin to make tests once again, ironically, like in the first Portal.

As you can see in the video, two different Portals open and if you pass the orange portal you are going to leave the blue portal. And this is the main “key” of this game, traveling by Portals. Hence, why the name of it!

The first few tests are quite easy for you to adapt to the cubes and Portals. You just need to place the cubes in the big buttons so you can open the doors and pass on to the next levels!

After that wheatley appears again saying that you can pick up the portal gun. You fall into a hole and then grab the portal gun, but it only has the blue portal to use… Don’t worry you will grab the orange portal too later on!

Oh and I love how wheatley says: “oh and you’re alive? I should have asked that first”, after you fall in to the hole… He is so funny!

Understanding the Portal Gun – Mastering the Portals:

So in this topic we will talk about the Portal gun, which is the most important tool you will have in the game! Understanding how the Portal Gun works is crucial to solve puzzles through the entire game. I am sure you will be able to master it!

The Portal gun creates inter dimensional Portals where you can travel between them from one place to another. You can only use two Portals to travel, in Single player mode, the blue one and the orange one.

When you fire the left side of the gun it will create a blue Portal and when you fire the right side it will create an orange Portal. The portal gun will only work on certain surfaces.


As you can see in the image the laser goes through one place to another because you have the two portals connected. So not only you can go through portals but objects can, as well! Amazing isn’t it?

You can create momentum to travel and jump to long distances. I love doing this personally, the “goosebumps”…

You will need momentum to solve most of the puzzles in Portal 2, so it’s a skill you must gather. This is called Portal Flinging.

You can also redirect energy beams, allowing you to travel from one place to another which you will need to do in single payer or co-op.

So, I believe the Portal gun is one of the most cool things in the game and it’s very important for you master it if you want to advance in the game.

Try it for yourself, and I hope you will like it, I know I do!

Waking Up GLaDOS and Embarking on Your Testing Journey

In this topic, as you will see in the title and the video, you wake up gladOS with the help of wheatley by accident! And she puts you on testing again like in the original Portal!

This encounter is very important for the story of the game and for challenging you to defeat GlaDOS and to try escaping the Aperture science facilities once again (if you are able to…)

Prepare to encounter dark humor, a lot of challenges and GlaDOS always watching you every move!

Before of what happened in the video, you were tying to find a way to leave until wheatley appears and says that he will help you escape the facility and tells you to grab him. And go where he tells you.

After that he says that you will need to go where glaDOS was destroyed, so you can escape.

You enter the room And you see glaDOS destroyed! Wheatley then tells you that who destroyed her was a human, and that the human escaped the facility.

He then tells you to go to a room under where she was destroyed.

He wants to find an escape pod for you to leave the facility but a different thing happened because he is so clumsy!

Accidentally, he activates glaDOS once again, and she doesn’t seem too happy after being destroyed!

It’s amusing when he attempts to shut her down, encounters a password prompt, and humorously declares, “I am going to hack it! A A A … A!”

Obviously he couldn’t do it so she is fully awake, and Angry at you! I love how she says: “We should put our differences aside! For science! You Monster!”

She then sends you to the test chambers, but before that, she grants the Portal gun with two Portals for you to test forever with her…

Well I won’t spoil more of the game, as you can try it for yourself let me just give you some more tips: They added some gameplay elements since the original portal like:

  • The Propulsion gel, which will help you create more momentum and let you jump higher.
  • Hard light bridges that will make you traversing treacherous routes.
  • Excursion Tunnels: that will make you float through the air and to traverse from one place to another.

There are more stuff to know about but I will let you figure it out by yourself… I am sure you are eager to try it and embrace these innovations!

That’s it for single player guys! I hope you liked this part.

In my next topic we will be covering everything about the cooperative gameplay!

Dynamic Duo – Embracing the Portal 2 Co-op Gameplay!

As you can see in the video, I played the cooperative mode of Portal 2 with a friend of mine! Obviously, a bit clumsy at the beginning because I haven’t played in a while, but we managed to advance some levels and have much fun by doing so!

First, we had to complete a sort of trial test before advancing to the main puzzle room. It is funny because we were so “rusty” playing the game, that it took us more than five minutes to complete the trials and getting used to Portal 2 Co-op.

I had already completed most of the tests with another person, but this was a first for my friend, as he hadn’t advanced in co-op before.

I selected the easier levels to play with him. I really was a bit confused on how to finish the first level. But after that we have completed the rest of the tests cleaner!

In cooperative, we have two portals each other, so that makes 4 portals in total. His portals only link to each other and the same goes for me. I can go through his portals though and on the opposite works too.

This is why it’s complex to play with two, because you have to manage the portals differently than single player.

If you saw the video, in the trial test, I had to give the cube to my friend or else it would disintegrate on the material emancipation grill. And this is what makes co-op so awesome. You can interact with your friend and make puzzles together!

I only show you the beginning so I don’t spoil too much of the story and gameplay. But try to be in a call with your friend on discord or another program, so you can communicate with each other and enjoy the game together.

The puzzles in this mode will be completely different from the single player mode. You will need to synchronize the movements with your friend, be careful with timing and good portal placements. You will need to master the flinging technique to your maximum!

There will be a lot of difficult tests. The more you advance, the difficulty rises, so I recommend at least play a bit on single player.

If you are new, get to know the basics, how the portal gun works (as I explain above), the new stuff they added since the first Portal and just to get more experience!

I am sure you will be able to finish Portal 2 Cooperative with your friend!


Portal 2 offers you a great journey through Aperture Science, filled with puzzles, some mystery, and laughter!

Throughout this guide, I showed you:

  • The beginning of the Portal 2 gameplay: where we talked about how Aperture science changed after Portal 1.
  • A nice and thorough explanation of how the Portal gun works: We learned that The Portal gun is the most important tool in Portal 2!
  • GlaDOS awakening: The terrifying GlaDOS awakes and sends you back to testing for her, again!
  • Portal 2 Co-op: defy the limits of your intelligence with a friend of yours with the most difficult maps in co-op gameplay!

A quick update: Don’t forget to check the amazing mods they have about Portal 2! Check on google to find out more or on steam! Stay tuned!

So pick-up your Aperture science handled Portal Device and immerse yourself in the world of Portal 2!

Don’t forget to comment this posts and check other posts on my website, if you would like!

Portal 2 Awesome image

GLaDOS, Wheatley, and the entire team at Aperture Science await your arrival! It’s time to play!


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