Elden Ring review and gameplay!

Elden Ring Gameplay

Greetings, fellow gamers! Kisan here, bringing you an in-depth review and gameplay of what might be the most anticipated game in years – Elden Ring.

As an author of GamersBestPlace, I’ve been eagerly following the news about this title since it was first teased. Now, after journeying through the Lands Between and facing formidable foes, I’m ready to share my thoughts.

There’s a lot to break down, so grab your flasks of Crimson Tears and let’s dive in!

The Majestic World of Elden Ring

First off, the hype was real. Elden Ring delivers an incredible fantasy world brimming with secrets that beckon you off the beaten path. The Lands Between are stunning to behold. Lush emerald forests give way to misty lakes, labyrinthine underground cities, and austere castles looming on cliffsides.

FromSoftware has crafted a realm that feels organic, alive, and full of wonders for intrepid Tarnished to uncover.

Freedom of exploration is Elden Ring’s greatest triumph. As soon as you step foot into the open world, the possibilities seem endless. Will you stay on the main road or venture into the unknown? The choice is yours.

I often found myself wandering off course, stumbling upon enemy encampments, mini-dungeons, and hidden treasures that made for rewarding detours. Wherever your curiosity leads, adventure awaits.

Of course, danger lurks around every corner in this unforgiving land. Ferocious enemies and formidable bosses aim to cut your journey short at every opportunity.

Veteran Soulsborne fans will feel right at home with the demanding combat. Enemies attack ruthlessly and will punish the smallest mistake. You must carefully manage stamina, pick your attacks wisely, and know when to dodge versus block.

Studying your foes moves and tells is key to surviving encounters. And when you finally topple colossal demigods after countless attempts, the satisfaction is profound.

Combat, Challenges and memorable adversaries:

Adding to the challenge are the Legacy Dungeons – labyrinthine fortresses and keeps that house some of Elden Ring’s most terrifying foes.

The Stormveil Castle stands as an early highlight. Traversing its derelict halls and battling the grafted monstrosity within is reminiscent of the most iconic levels from Dark Souls.

Stormveil castle

These dungeons capture FromSoftware’s genius for level design and are a sharp contrast to the open world.

Of course, you won’t be facing these challenges alone. Elden Ring introduces loyal spirits that can be summoned to fight alongside you. These spectral warriors lend valuable aid, ranging from skeletal militiamen to magical wolves.

Finding and upgrading spirits became a quest of its own. With clever use of ashes(which allow players to summon companions), I found even the most daunting boss fights manageable.

Speaking of bosses, Elden Ring’s demigods are destined to be remembered as classics. Facing off against the misbegotten children of Queen Marika is the stuff of legends.

There’s Radahn, the Starscourge, who sends waves of arrows your way as he rides across the battlefield on a spectral horse. Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, lurks in underground lakes, ready to grab you with spectral claws.

And then there is Malenia, Blade of Miquella, whose skill with a sword will leave you humbled time and again. The imagination on display making each demigod distinct shows why FromSoftware is peerless when it comes to boss design.

Boss Battles: A Deep dive into Malenia and Radahn

Of the many demigods who fell from grace in Elden Ring, two bosses stand out for providing some of the most epic and grueling battles – Malenia, Blade of Miquella and Starscourge Radahn. These intense clashes perfectly capture the challenge and spectacle that FromSoftware is known for.

First up is Malenia, an optional late game boss found in the Haligtree area. I quickly learned why she is known as the Blade of Miquella – her skills with a sword are unmatched.

Malenia exhibits acrobatic finesse, unleashing a whirlwind of slashes from all directions. Her flurries of strikes are fast and precise, often breaking through my shield and chopping away health.

In the second phase, Malenia’s attacks gain scarlet Rot build up, inflicting bleeding toxic damage over time. The combination of her lethal blade skills and Rot abilities frequently spell demise.

Only by patiently learning her moveset and getting the dodge timings perfect was I finally able to fell this warrior goddess. The satisfaction of toppling Malenia after so many attempts was euphoric.

In contrast to Malenia’s elegance, Starscourge Radahn provides a spectacle of mythical proportions. Finding this demigod requires venturing deep into Caelid, a hellish blood-red wasteland. The festival to celebrate Radahn’s valor pits you against him in an arena. What unfolds is a battle of absurd scale.

Radahn gallops around the arena on his spectral steed, raining giant arrows upon you. Meanwhile, his soldiers continue advancing, supporting their lord with crossbow shots. The arena quickly becomes a chaos of projectiles to avoid.

Getting near Radahn allows you to deal damage, but opens you up to his gravitational magic and stampeding charges. Only by using the summons provided was I able to divide his attacks and eventually fell this legendary general.

Malenia and Radahn represent two of Elden Ring’s most grueling yet memorable encounters. Their distinct styles—Malenia’s swordsmanship and Radahn’s mythical warrior status—force you to tailor your strategy and adapt.

Overcoming these lethal demigods, amongst the mightiest of Elden Ring’s foes, provides a profound sense of accomplishment. FromSoftware has once again raised the bar for boss design and gameplay challenge.

Of course, there is much more I could say, but half the joy comes from making discoveries yourself. The story of Elden Ring is intentionally left vague, with fragments of history and lore scattered across the realm.

Slowly piecing together the shattering of the Elden Ring and fate of the demigods is a compelling mystery. I believe this might be Hidetaka Miyazaki’s most ambitious and stirring narrative yet.




To sum up, Elden Ring will go down as a masterpiece not just of the action RPG genre, but of gaming as a whole.

Its vast open world rewards intrepid exploration and prolonged adventure. Demanding combat emphasizes skill and determination in overcoming lethal enemies. Boss designs reach new heights of imagination. And the visual splendor and enigmatic story leave impressions that will last a lifetime.

I have no doubt that fellow gamers who live for rich worlds and rewarding challenges will fall wholly in love with Elden Ring just as I have.

So there you have it – my comprehensive thoughts after spending over 300 hours in the Lands Between. I hope this review helps give you a feel for what makes Elden Ring so magical.

Trust me when I say the hype is very much warranted. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must return to my quest of delivering the Elden Ring.

There are still more secrets left to uncover and paths left to ride down. This is Kisan signing off for now. May we meet one day as fellow Tarnished around the Round table!

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