Hi there gamers! So today I’m going to do a Half-Life 2: Episode One walkthrough! The events occur right after the original Half-Life 2, so stay tuned! I really hope you guys enjoy the walkthrough, comment below if you have any doubts. But before you read this one, I really recommend you read the following posts by order:

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Wow, such an amazing game! A Half Life 2 Walkthrough.

This two posts contain the walkthroughs of Half-Life(1) and Half-life 2, plus some information of what happens between the two games. But without further ado let’s start the walkthrough!

Undue Alarm:

So, the game starts where you left it, in Half-Life 2. The portal core of the Citadel exploded and the time stopped. But this time, a group of Vorigaunts appeared and save Alyx for the Explosion. As for you, they take you out of stasis, blocking G-man from interfere. And he says: “We will see about that!”. He looks angry…

You then wake up, under a pile of rubble and you start to hear Alyx voice. Then Dog takes you out of the rubble and Alyx hugs you, she is very happy to see you’re alive and right after Dog gives you the gravity gun! It seems you are still very close to the citadel. Then Alyx gets in contact with Eli.

He is worried you’re still in the city, because the Citadel is going to explode at any time and Dr. Kleiner confirms it. When Alyx tells them that you both are close to the Citadel, Dr. Kleiner tells them the only chance they have to survive is by going back to the Citadel and delay the core explosion! This will also give time to save more people by evacuating the city. Alyx then says goodbye to them and you’re headed to find a way to enter the Citadel.

Dog finds a broken car, and he wants you both to get inside of it, so he can throw you inside the Citadel. After Dog throws you, Alyx says good bye to Dog, that we will meet him later, but right after you realize you landed inside of a fragile piece of the Citadel so you car goes for an “insane ride”! You fell in to a hole, going very fast, jumping through the air (all this inside of the Citadel) and after a while you car finally stopped and both of you are safe, but no for long!

Now, you need to get to the core of the Citadel. Everything in this place seems to be falling apart, so you should be careful. You find a bridge that you need to cross very fast, so you and Alyx sprint, until the other side.

You come across a very dark room. Alyx tells you she is going to find some information on the panels nearby. Once she starts, Breen appears on the screen but, after a while you realize it’s only a recording before he died. You see that creature he was talking in Half-Life 2 appearing in every screen and, right after, a capsule comes from below, where you stand. The creature then tried to somehow get inside you head causing fear and pain and after, it just moves to another place. Alyx was terrified.

A little forward, another confiscation field transforms you gravity gun in to blue again making it to be able hitting every target, even combine soldiers, awesome!

This place is really falling apart. After you cross some bridges and killing a lot of Combine soldiers, you find a transport elevator that leads to the core of the Citadel. The elevator got destroyed but you are able to reach the core.

Direct Intervention:

You reach the Core control center, and some soldiers are guarding it. You take them out quickly. It looks like the Combine were trying to blow up the core. But why? Alyx then shows you the core. She states: ” It looks pretty far gone”. It seems you have little time to intervene. Alyx then calls the elevator so you can go “fix” the core up. Once you’re in the core room you need to activate three reactors so you can restore it back to normal. Soldiers try their best to stop you.

You are able to restore the core and kill all the Combine Soldiers. While you were in the core room, Alyx did some in the Combine data. They were trying to destroy the Citadel so they could send a transmission to the Combine original world, so Alyx took a copy of it. there’s also some information of Judith, it seems she is trying to find something, but Alyx and you don’t know where she is. Alyx done copying everything and now you are ready to go. But the Combine Alert system goes on.

Now you just need to leave the Citadel. Alyx tells you, you’re headed to the Combine trains and if you are successful you will get out of the city. Also, you gravity gun is now back to normal. You reach a train. But it’s full of stalkers, good thing they are locked up.

Alyx checks where the train is headed. But before she could see, the train crashes!

Low Life

You both are alive but Alyx is a bit scared. She tells you that now you both are in the same situation as everyone else, on foot until you find a train station and you are underground. You need to reach the surface first.

Everything is dark, and you need to an air conduct so you can open a door. Once you’re on the other side, you find a shotgun and a pistol and you open the door so Alyx could pass. After a while you find something you haven’t seen before. It’s a Combine soldier turned it to a zombie. And Alyx make the joke of calling them the “Zombine”.

There are so many zombies in the underground and it’s very dark almost everywhere, not to mention the antlions, so you must rely a lot on you flashlight. You find an elevator that could lead you to the surface. But it needs to reach the floor you are in, so you must fight a lot of zombies until it reaches you floor. The elevator finally arrives and you and Alyx are moving to the surface now!

Urban Flight

You reach the surface, but you realize that the city is pretty much destroyed. You see Dr. Kleiner talking through the Panels encouraging human race to not give up and o leave city 17 at once.

It seems the Combine is still following you and Alyx because of the data copy she made at the Citadel. You find a sniper covering a street and after you catch some grenades, you take him out. Alyx takes over the sniper and covers the next street for you. A lot of zombies and Combine come but you and Alyx, (on the sniper) clear the way. After this she joins you again and the Citadel’s core is on meltdown again. You need to reach the train station quickly.

You find the powerful Pulse Rifle once more after killing some soldiers. you reach outside again and an antlion guard is destroying the Combine, but after attacks you so you need to kill him. More Combine soldiers come, but are unable to stop you.

You see some citizens still in the city so you talk to them. One of the Citizens tells you that the Combine aren’t making it easy to leave the city. After, you find Barney in a safe house. The Combine then spots you with a sentinel, and Barney asks if you were followed again and then Alyx explains what happened and suggests that if you and her take another route, you could draw the Combine to you, so barney and the other citizens can go on their way to the train station.

Barney then explains where you have to go and gives you another crowbar! So now you’re headed to the place Barney told you. But a gunship is after you too. You find a hospital, the Combine and a lot of zombies are already here and the gunship is till on you “tail”. You pick up a rocker and the ammo is just close by. You successfully destroy the ship, falling inside of the hospital!

Alyx pics up a Shotgun. And right after a big fight between the Combine, zombies and you roll out! You then fall to underground and you need to go up again. After you do this, you and Alyx will have to fight even more zombies.

Exit 17

After you leave the hospital, you meetup with Barney again and now you will have to lead groups of people to the train station that is just nearby. But the Combine is on you tail yet.

You will need to lead 5 groups and the more groups you take, the more difficult it gets, because of the Combine

trying to stop you.

You finished saving everyone so now it’s time to say goodbye to Barney: ” See you when I see ya!”. He left on the train with a lot of people so now it’s you turn to find a train for you both.

You’re opening a door for Alyx so she goes through. But when you’re finishing opening the door a Strider comes to attack you! You need to find ammo for the Rocket. You can’t find it anywhere and the place is full of traps! After a difficult battle, you were able to find some ammo and destroy the strider!

You finally find a train and Alyx start it running. Then both of you jump to the train and it’s moving now. But the Combine are able to send the transmission. And more pods with those creatures you saw in the Citadel escape the city too. Then the Citadel Explodes and the explosion is starting to reach where you are.

And It’s The End:

Did the Explosion reach you? Find out on my Half-Life 2: Episode Two walkthrough. I’ will start to write it asap, so stay tuned!

Final Thoughts:

I personally enjoyed very much Episode One. Valve really know how to make a good interesting story of a game! Plus the graphics are much better than Half-life 2.

So what are you thoughts? Please comment below if you any doubts or anything else! Bye!