Hi there gamers, today I’m going to talk about the top 5 of the best puzzle games on PC! Not everyone has the same opinion, so if you guys think of another games to add to the top 5, just comment down below.

I played all of these games before, and I’m going to talk about the story of the game, graphics quality, and if the game is interesting.

So let’s get to it!

Warning, some spoilers ahead!

Top 5 – Limbo

So, this game, in my opinion it’s a bit strange and scary, but it’s very engaging as well. You really “get inside” of the game. The story it’s about a boy trying to find his sister, but Limbo has another meanings.

Like, for an example, a lot of people say that the boy is in purgatory and that the spider represents is fears he had in life. But also it could be that they are alive. It’s your own view of it that matters, the game was purposely made for you to have your own opinion of it.

So, you wake up at the middle of a forest and then, you have to go through a lot of different obstacles, like climbing ropes trees and avoid a very big spider. Also, the boy can’t swim, so you need to be extra focus on this game.

Also, I really like the environment of this game seems like almost post apocalyptic. And the lack of colors is what makes it so sinister, but in a good way.

But I really do think they should add a background story to it so it could be even more interesting.

Besides that i totally approve this game, that’s why is on my top 5.

Top 4 – Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

This very interactive game is an adventure of two brothers helping each other, to find a medicine for their father. The trip will be difficult and long with very obstacles along the way.

Their mother drowned in a storm, and their father is very sick. That’s why they have to find a medicine for him.

You can choose to play alone and control the two brothers, or you can play with a friend to make things more interesting.

Along the way you will find a lot of things to interact like: knock on doors, play with a ball and even the brothers can interact with each other. Also, to complete the puzzles they need each other to complete them. For an example the little brother can’t swim, so he must rely on his older brother to do it.

As you can see on the image, this game it’s very different compared to Limbo. It’s much more colorful, happier environment with beautiful views.

Also, the characters talk in his own language so is neither English nor Russian or any kind of language on the real world, like Sims.

The puzzles are not too difficult, they are very straight forward, almost of them at least.

I really like this game, you should try it for yourself!

Top 3 – Portal

Ah, Portal, one of the most famous puzzle games out there. It was made by Valve and it’s inside of the Half-Life saga universe, as you can actually notice in Epsiode Two, when Doctor Kleiner mentions the Borealis and Aperture science.

So the story is about a woman that wakes up at a facility and she has to complete all kind puzzles throughout the chambers, so she can move on. Another female voice (Gladous) gives you the tips for what to do and guides you, until something unexpected will happen…

But the most amazing thing about Portal, is the Portal gun, that you are able to travel inside a portal to different places. It’s awesome! You need to use two portals with your gun and also use the gravity momentum to create impact velocity and you need this to complete different puzzles.

The puzzles get more difficult as you advance so the latest ones are very hard if you are unfamiliar with it.

The graphics quality is better than the two games above, after all Portal is a First Person game.

So yeah, Portal is unique, interesting, challenging and innovative containing a lot of different puzzles and an unexpecting end.

Top 2 – Inside

This game was made by the same creator as Limbo, “Playdead”. The style is the same as Limbo too. You go on a path from left to right, by running and jumping, but in this one, you can also swim, you even find a device to go underwater for a long time.

The environment is the same, although it’s more realistic, and a lot of things happen throughout the game: Dogs come to eat you, some men are after you, and you even become “a giant human ball”.

The puzzles are somewhat complicated and long, but it’s good. If you like challenges this game is for you. Once you start to play, you will get inside the game and be very focused while playing it, at least it happened to me.

This game really seems to happened after some apocalyptic event because you see so many things destroyed and the environment seems really appropriated for it. But it can also have other meanings. Comment below what you think about it.

So, very challenging, a bit creepy and scary, it has a lot of things to interact, a bit more colorful than Limbo, you get really focused on the game, just like the way I like about it.

Great game!

Top 1 – Portal 2

And my favorite one is Portal 2! So, the events pass I’m not sure how long after the original Portal. Gladous is destroyed and it seems you are brought back to inside the Aperture facility. Until you and your “companion” accidentally activate her again, and she is angry.

After this, the events really change after one another, but I don’t want to spoil it too much.

The facility really seems to be falling apart, or it was destroyed after the original Portal events. You will have the portal gun in this game again, with some other additions. Like paint where you can slide or jump.

Gladous Is a robot, very powerful and smart one that killed all the humans inside the facility with deadly neurotoxin, except one. A woman that was supposed to be a test subject, in other words, you.

The puzzles are unique and some of them hard to figure it out, which make this game much better.

The environment and graphics quality are so good and the story is amazing. I really love the end of the game. You even send a Portal to the moon!

You can also play Co-op with a friend with two of Gladous robots which is also awesome. The puzzles are challenging and innovative!

Best Puzzle game ever!

Final Thoughts:

I hope you enjoy my top 5 puzzle games. Comment below what you think, I will be happy to reply!

So next post perhaps I will write the Half-Life 2 Episode two Walkthrough or write another top 5 or 10 for another type of games for example: strategy, or fps.

So I will “talk” to all of you there.



Bruno Santos A.K. A Chester