Hi gamers, welcome to my post! Today I will be writing about the top 3 of the best action games for PC!

This games that I included In this top 3, it’s my own opinion, so perhaps you will feel differently about it. Do comment below what you think about it and what action games besides these, do you like!

Without further ado, let’s get to the top 3 guys!

Beware of the spoilers if you haven’t played the games yet!


Top 3 – Crysis

This is a first-person shooter, full of action game, where you can play single player or multiplayer. I will explain briefly a bit of the story and gameplay of it.

Crysis occurs in 2020 and you are Jake “Nomad” Dunn, the Lieutenant of Delta force. You are on a mission to save and extract a team of American scientists that have discovered something in the North Korea.

Once you reach there, you discover that there is something more than just the Korean troops. It seems that an unknown force is lingering here and this will be the primary danger they will face.

So the gameplay is a bit difficult to learn, at first, because you have a lot of controls, but besides that it’s a unique Fps.

With your amazing suit, you can maximize your strength, armor, speed and become invisible, but you need to watch out for your energy, since it has a limit. Also, you can crouch and even crawl in the ground so the enemies can’t spot you.


After the first Crysis, Crytek released the second and third one, which are amazing too, but my favorite was the first game.

About the graphics, they are the best quality I’ve ever seen, very realistic. And the first Crysis was released in 2007, making it officially one of the most games with better graphics, for that time. After all, these are the creators of Far Cry (the game with better graphics for 2004).

So I totally approve this game. A lot of Action, amazing gameplay and awesome graphics!


Top 2 – Half-Life 2

If you are following my website, I made a few Posts about the Half-life saga and the one that is best for me is Half-Life 2, that is why it’s on my top 2! See my walk-through of Half-Life 2 here:


  • A bit of the story:

The earth is ruled by the Combine, an alien race that came to Earth to enslave and extinct the human race. Gordon Freeman wakes up after 20 years of stasis and everything is different and even the Vortigaunts are controlled by the Combine.

They are an advanced species that have conquered a lot of planets in the past. The Combine come from another dimension/universe, and they got here due to the incident of the resonance cascade in the first Half-life.

Click on the link to see what I’m talking about:


After the resonance cascade the Earth was a full chaos so the Combine won the war in 7 hours.

G-Man Decides to “wake up” Doctor Freeman from his stasis and he is going to be the hero of the rest of the human kind and vortigaunts.

He will fight striders, Civil Protection, Combine Soldiers and a lot of zombies! He will even get inside the Combine Citadel.

And you are Gordon Freeman in the game. Very cool right?


  • Gameplay:

Half-life 2 has very easy controls. Just “WASD” to move, shift to sprint control to crouch, space to jump, mouse to shoot and to look around. It’s the basics of an FPS so you should be able to get adjusted to it very quickly.

With the H.E.V. suit, these movements will be boosted, you can hold your breath longer underwater and also you will have a flashlight on it.

The weapons included in the game are: pistol, SMG, revolver, rocket launcher, the gravity gun and many more.

  • Graphics:

Half-Life 2 was created by Valve and for the year 2004, it has one of the best graphics for that time, as you can see in the picture above!

They really have done a great work on that part, it’s a shame they didn’t release any other game of the Half-Life saga after Episode Two.

They will release a game that will be for virtual reality only though. It’s called Half-Life: Alyx and the story occurs before the events of Half-Life 2. I will review the game later on, when it’s released.

But back to Half-Life 2: Great game, I love the story, and top graphics! Do comment below if you had played the game or not and what you think about it.


Top 1 – Grand Theft Auto V

For the first spot in our list, we have GTA V, a game published by “Rockstar Games” who also published games like Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, Bully and Max Payne 3, etc. The game was released in 17 of September 2013.

It’s a very interactive, action-adventure game where you can do almost everything, like buy / steal cars, own clubs and basically do whatever you want, but be careful if you break the law the cops will come after you.

It’s like real life inside of the game, making it very realistic, but it has some futuristic features like flying cars, motorcycles and even weapons. What’s your opinion about this?

So, when you start the game, you can choose to play Online Mode or Story Mode. The missions between the two modes are completely different. Here are some features about the two of them:

  • Online Mode:

This mode is multiplayer. The other players can kill you at any time, so beware when you are doing missions.

At the beginning is a bit hard to make money. You will have to accept every mission that comes from other players or from the game itself and you can also complete side missions. You also upgrade your level by doing missions, gaining experience points.

If you can afford, you can buy houses, clubs, cars, planes and all kinds of vehicles.

But not everything is perfect. In this mode, the game takes too much time to load. Perhaps it’s because it has to load a tun of buildings, vehicles and players too. Also in this mode you can change servers. It’s advisable to select a server with few people to complete the missions.

  • Story Mode:

On this mode, you will have a large variety of missions and side missions, and you will play them with this three main characters: Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips e Franklin Clinton.

The story begins when you three are robbing a bank. Everything seems to be going alright until the cops show up. After a long shooting fight, two of them have been hit and only Trevor is able to escape. Did the other two died?

Also, on story mode, you can play with mods. This feature it’s only available for PC and you can’t use it on Online mode.

This two modes have the same map structure. It’s located on the city of Los Santos based on the real life city, Los Angeles and the map size is somewhat large, although it could be a little more.

GTA V is also in the Top 10 of the most played and bought games on the world. It occupies almost 90 GB on your hard drive.

The Graphics are very good for the year it was released and the gameplay is moderated (difficulty). You have the option of changing from first person to third person and if you decide to stay in first person, it’s very difficult for you to drive cars and trucks at least.

They fixed some bugs since the game was launched until now. You also can report it, if you want and the company will fix it, but the major bugs come from the servers where you play, not the game itself.

I really liked to play this game in the past. The thrill of Online mode and the story are amazing! Plus the graphics, the action and adventure mixed together make this game very appealing! You really got to try it if you haven’t already!

Click the image to buy the game cheaper!



Final Thoughts:

I hope you enjoyed my top 3 of action games. I don’t know what I’m about to write next, yet…

Probably I’m  going to review of a single game that I have played. Which one it will be? Find out on my next post!

Bye for now!