Hi there good people, I hope you are doing okay! Today I’m going to do a Half Life 2 walkthrough! For those of you that don’t know, It’s an FPS game created by Valve and it was released on November 16, 2004.

If you are interested on the first one, Check my Half life (1) walkthrough here! I really recommend you read it before you continue…

Warning, Spoilers ahead!

A Little Background story Between Half life (1) and Half Life 2

If you visited my previous post you can see what hapends in the end of the first Half Life, but what hapends after?

It seems that, when Gordon Freeman Killed Nihilanth, the leader of the species that invaded earth after the resonance cascade, it triggered a lot of Portal storms, which means all kind of Xen creatures still are being teleported to our planet. The governments offer protection centers to the people worldwide to fight it off.

But it didn’t matter because another race was after the Nihilanth, and when he was killed, that race was able to find Earth thanks to the Portal Storms. They are called the Combine, a multidimensional empire, they are here to conquer Earth by making humanoids, and the rest of the humans, their slaves in our own planet which they do with success after the “Seven Hour War”.

Also, the vortigaunts helped the humans defend Earth before the Combine arrived, because they were slaves of Nihilanth and Gordon set them free. But when the Combine arrived, they made slaves of the vortigaunts as well.

Gordon Freeman was hired by G-man and was in some sort of stasis and didn’t know this all happened.

Twenty Years After:

Twenty years passed. G-man wakes you up saying that your hour has come again and that the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. It seems that g-man has another job for you (Gordon Freeman) finally!

You “wake up” in a train ironically like in the first half life, but it seems you’re arriving the destination. You are on city 17, ruled by the Combine. They elected Doctor Breen as the gouverneur of City 17 just to elude people that the humans still are in control of the planet.

As you go on, you start to talking to people and you realize that the Combine are doing everything to control the human race, like making people forget some important things that happened in their life so they would be easily controlled. Another thing they did was: they stop our reproductive cycle so this way the humans left would be the last generation on Earth. Same thing they did with Vortigaunts as you can see on this picture:

You are about to get in a train to Nova prospekt, when a Combine “Civil Protection” guard calls you. He then says to follow him to a room for questioning. It seems you are in trouble. Then he turns the cameras off and takes his mask off too. It’s not a combine soldier. It’s Barney, a guard you knew from Balck Mesa.

He has been working undercover for Civil Protection for a long time. He then calls to a former scientist who you also knew back then (in Black Mesa), Dr. kleiner. They are very surprised to see you. Barney then says, you have to reach Dr. Kleiner’s lab on your own and fast cause another Combine civil Protection guard starts to get suspicious. So you go on your way to find the lab.

When you reach the center of the city, you see a giant building outside. It’s the Combine Citadel. If you start to talk to people in the road they say they can’t even talk to you like it’s forbidden and you see the Combine get into people houses and start to beat them or kill them.

It seems every road is blocked by the Combine except for and entrance to a house that is not being watched by them so you get in. But it seems the Civil Protection is already there questioning people after all. You try to sneak up on them. You hear a female voice saying: “miscount detected in your block”. It seems they are coming for you next! The Citizens are saying for you to get to the roof. It seems the combine already know you are in the “wrong place”. Once you get to the roof the CP (Civil Protection) starts to shoot at you. Probably they want you for questioning.

You make your way to another house but the wood stairs are broken and the CP surround you. It seems everything is lost until you hear a female voice. It’s a woman. She knows you. She says “Doctor Freeman I presume”. It’s Alyx, the daughter of Eli Vance from Half life (1). It seems you are close to doctor kleiner’s lab and she will bring you there. Alex also says that Dr Breen was your older administrator back in Black Mesa.

Doctor Kleiner’s Lab:

Once you get on the lab, Doctor Kleiner tells you that you came in a very opportune time because they will be using the teleport to get to Eli’s place. You and Alyx will be the first ones to use it. They are doing this, because lately they want to teleport all the citizens through there to Eli Vance’s place so they can be safe and away from the Combine.

And then Barney appears too, relieved that you arrived the lab. Alyx then tells Barney that you are going with her to Eli’s place. Barney shows you the way to you H.U.V. suit that has been Improved! So now you are going to the Teleport room.

Eli Vance then appears on the other side of the screen panel really happy to see you. Alyx is going to be teleported first and you will be the second one. Alyx was successfully teleported to his dad’s lab! Then you step in into the portal. Everything seems fine until Dr Kleiner’s pet, Lamar comes out from the other room, and jumps to your head and disconnecting a cable from the Teleport too! You then are teleported into different places. Even into the Combine Citadel, Dr. Breen’s “office”.

After this you are “teleported” to outside Dr Kleiner lab ironically. They tell you to go outside, that Barney will meet you there. And he does, giving you a “gift” too, he said you dropped it in Black mesa. It’s your old crowbar! It seems the citadel is on full alert after your encounter with doctor Breen. You need to go through the old route kanal until you reach Alyx dad’s place. There are going to be some refugees that are going to help you through the way. So you’re headed out there.

Route Kanal:

You see a man and a woman being beaten up by the CP. And with your crowbar you decide to go and help them. After you take down the CP, the man got killed. But the woman thanks you for your help and you grab CP pistol and you continue your way. You then find a vortigaunt and a citizen telling you to continue and that there are stations where citizens live there, that can help you. The Vortiguant then increases you suit armor and you go on ahead. Once you reach the nearest station, you find out that the Combine are destroying this stations so you don’t have a chance to survive and neither the people that live there. After you kill all the Combine in that station you continue.

After some fighting, a Combine Hunter Chopper was sent to hunt you down so you make your way to the tunnels so it can’t catch you there. A citizenl then tells you that now they are sending Manhacks to catch the guy they are looking for, also saying he doesn’t have a chance against the combine, not knowing that you’re the one that they are looking for.

After you save the guy from the Manhacks you continue your way to ELi Vance’s Lab but even more Manhacks and CP come to hunt you down. Along the way you will find supplies and health from the people who are trying to help you. After you kill one of the CP Combine with an SMG, you catch it for yourself. This SMG is more powerful then the pistol that you catch early and it has a second trigger that works like the weapon of the military on Half life 1, the machine gun. Like In half-life (1), Half Life 2 has a lot of puzzles for you to complete so you can continue the game.

You arrive Station 6. You hear Alyx from a radio saying for the people still alive there to give you the airboat. It seems they know you’re going the right way. With the airboat you will get much quicker to Eli’s  Lab. But you ‘re not going to ride the Airboat before you fight some zombies!

You then find that G-man seems to be “looking after you” since you are able to spot him sometimes throughout the game.

You continue your way with the airboat until you find a closed gate. You get inside a Combine Station to find a way to open it

the gate. Once you get in, Dr breen appears on a screen talking about you, saying that the people are naive to help doctor Freeman because we are so close to “salvation.” This guy (Dr. Breen) must have been brain washed to be on the side of the Combine. Because they are not here to help but to makes slaves of their own. You find the way to bash the door but it activates an alarm and a lot of CP come from the dropships. You fight your way out to your airboat and continue.

You find yet another gate that is being closed by the Combine. You go in the structure to find a way to open it. But this time it’s not gonna be so easy as they have a hunter chopper on the top of that building and a lot of Manhacks and CP as well. Once you reach the top of the building to deactivate the gate, you find two Machine Guns and you are able to take the hunter chopper down.

But not far too long another hunter chopper comes to destroy you and this time you don’t have a machine gun. After you being hunted from the hunter chopper, you finally reach another citizen station. they then tell you that you’re getting close to Eli’s place but you need to take down the chopper first. That’s why, a vortigaunt is going to work is magic to “install” a hunter chopper machine gun on your airboat. The weapon is very powerful wrecking through combine’s defenses! After this you have a one-on-one with your friend: the hunter chopper destroying him for good!

Black Mesa East

After you destroy the rest of the combine in that area you reach Eli’s lab a.k.a. Black Mesa East! Eli’s wife is waiting for you there. She takes you to Eli after this. Alyx is also there they are very happy and amazed to see you. But it seems the relationship between Alyx and Dr. Mossmen isn’t that great and Alyx tells you that she spend so many time outside because she doesn’t like her. She is not Alyx’s true mother after all. You see a path that leads you to Ravenholm. She tells you that they are not going through that tunnel anymore, that it shut down for a reason. After this, you go outside to test the Gravity-Gun and Alyx’s Dog is introduced. You then play fetch with dog it’s very cool.

Until something happens: It seems the Combine are here, in Black Mesa East, sweeping the area! They shouldn’t even know this place exists so how do they know how to find you? But, more on that later. You ran inside as soon as possible. Alyx then contacts his dad to know if everything is alright and it seems it was a surprise attack from the Combine. He tells alyx to take you out of there to head for the Coast. Also, saying: “Do not go through Raven…”. You start to run to save Eli, But only ALyx was able to pass through, you get stuck behind with dog and it seems the all place is falling apart. She, then, tells Dog To take you to the tunnel of Ravenholm so you must go through there.

“We Do Not Go Through Ravenholm…”

As soon as you start to “travel” through Ravenholm you realize why you shouldn’t be here at all. It seems the headcrabs have taking control of this place. Everyone has been turned into a “Zombie”! But, wait! You start to hear a voice of a person. Who is he? After a while you see him.

It seems he wants to help you somehow. He tells you that in Ravenholm you do well to be vigilant. But he seems a bit unstable, perhaps he spent too much time alone. You continue your way through Ravenholm. His name is father Gregory, a priest that survived the headcrabs somehow and is here to help you. Even gives you a Shotgun saying to aim for the head. Also, telling you to move on, that he will meet you on the church. So you are headed that way.

You finally Reach the church. Father Gregory is waiting you there to take you to the mines so you can leave Ravenholm and head for the Coast. But not before you fight a lot more of zombies! Then he opens you a gate that lead to outside of Ravenholm. It seems like he is staying. He says farewell to you. So you move on.

You find the Mines and eventually, the surface and the way out of Ravenholm. After a while you finally see some Combine soldiers with snipers that are camping in that area probably to keep the zombies away. You launch a few grenades at them successfully killing them. This is the first time soldiers are introduced and they are stronger than Civil Protection. They also wield a powerful machine gun a.k.a. Overwatch standard issue or Pulse rifle. You pick it up and go on ahead.

You then enter in a house which the Combine and humans are fighting. You help them out by taking the soldiers quickly. But some of the citizens are injured, but they are glad to see you are alive after Ravenholm. It seems Alyx is been trying to reach them in case you pass through that way, which you did. Also, Eli has been captured by the Combine and Alyx asks you, by radio, to help her rescue him. He is being captured in Nova Prospekt. She then asks Leon to lend you the scout car or buggy, so you can survive the long trip ahead of you.

Highway 17

As soon as you grab the car, you start heading your way on the Highway 17 to reach Nova Prospekt. The antlions are all over the sand so that’s why you need to drive to reach Nova prospekt, not to say it will be faster too. The Combine built a device so they can keep the antlions at a distance.

You then find a house with a few Combine Soldiers. After you take them down you go to see what’s ahead with a device that seems like advanced binoculars and you see G-Man talking to another man there. It’s in N.L.O. the other station Leon was trying to contact. After a while you reach N.L.O.

It seems they are going to be attacked by a gunship. The man that was talking with G-man is there and he is the Captain of N.L.O. which gives you a rocket Launcher to destroy the gunship. You’re headed outside to fight it!

You destroy the gunship and continue on your way to Nova prospekt! You find several places on the Highway 17, raided by the combine soldiers and another dropship came to hunt you down unsuccessfully. After this you will need to cross a big bridge with your car where Combine trains, move all the time. But the Bridge is blocked with a combine protection field so you need to get to the command station to deactivate this field so you can cross it. Once you do this a Gunship comes to hunt you down. After you destroy it, you drive your car through the bridge until you reach the other side.


The Combine are doing everything to stop you and your car, unsuccessfully. Even sending dropships full of combine soldiers they aren’t able stop you. You reach a lighthouse where there are a group of citizens.

It seems the trip with your car is over because the Combine are looking for it. You park your car and have to go the rest of the way by foot. But not before you help the citizens with Combine dropships and a Gunship as well! God bless the rocket Launcher! You see the Combine taking your car with them…

Then you find a guy stuck in a rock surrounded by sand that warns you not to touch the sand because the antlions are edgy. Also, he says that he was going to find a Vorigaunt Camp so you’re headed out there, but be careful do not touch the sand or the antlions will spawn one after another. You almost reach the Vorigaunt camp, when you find a Vortiguant guard and you face him.

After you defeat him a vortigaunt extracts the bugbait from him, in this way you can summon the antlions to attack the Combine. Yes, they will fight by your side from now on! And it seems you also reach the Vorigaunt camp. Not only Vorigaunts live there, men and women too.

After some training with the bugbait, you’re told that Nova Prospekt lies just ahead, and now with the antlions it will be easier to pass through the defences of it. Now, the first thing you need to do is to deactivate The Combine devices that stop the antlions to get near them. Once you do this you just need to send the bugbaits to the Combine defences and with your help you beat them easily.

You reach a cliff and you decide go up. It seems you are getting close to nova Prospekt entrance. They send a dropship to hunt you down. You have to find ammo for the rocket launcher. You find it and destroy it. But wait another dropship comes! It seems they where defending the base well, but not enough to stop you! You finally reach Nova Prospekt!

Nova Prospekt

Once you’re in there, everything seems to be falling apart for the Combine because the antlions are destroying their defences very quickly. But you can’t control the antlion guards, so one comes to attack you. After you kill it, the other antlions comeback to you. You continue your way through Nova Prospekt fighting the Combine.

It seems they are really trying to stop you from moving forward, unsuccessfully. And you start to hear Dr. Breen, through the Combine radio contact, very frustrated because the Combine couldn’t capture you yet. But also saying that capturing Alyx’s father was great progress.

You reach a place where the antlions can’t go through anymore so they stay behind. It was nice when it lasted!


You continue to try to find Alyx’s Father when you spot someone… It’s ALyx! She is very glad that you where able to reach Nova Prospekt. She tells that her dad is close. And it seems the Combine captured a lot of people, probably to turn them in to stalkers or slaves. Alyx found her dad and moved him to another room so you can be able to talk to him. You reach that room and then ALyx opens the capsule where Eli is being held captive.

Eli tells you both that he’s fine that you need to get out of there, but Alyx tells him that she really wants to save him and that she talked with Dr. Kleiner. She wants to you all get teleported to his lab. Sounds like a plan! Alyx then sends Eli to the Teleport chamber and you both meet up with him there.

Alyx then goes back to the station where she can open gates and warn you where Combine soldiers are and she is able to communicate with you through your suit’s radio. You reach a control room where a lot of combine Soldiers are heading your way according to Alyx. Then she programs the Combine Turrets to protect you and attack the Combine!

After waves of soldiers attacking you, you finally killed the last of them and Alyx arrives, trying to find Dr. Mossmen(Eli’s wife). But she is talking with Dr. Breen, saying that he promised her not to touch Eli and if he had waiting for her signal he could have catch Gordon too. Seems like she betrayed us!

ALyx tells you to move forward because now you are against Mossmen as well. You get cornered again by a lot of soldiers but you have 3 turrets with you to help you fight them so you activate them carefully and wait for Alyx to show up. A lot of soldiers come but they fail to hunt you down, once more. ALyx then appears apologizing, but she won’t leave you alone no more until you get to the portal.

Alyx is able to trap Mossmen on the Portal control room and when you reach there, ALyx tells her right in the face she has been a Combine spy this all time. She then brings his dad to the Portal control room too. It ‘s a similar Portal to Dr. Kleiner’s one.

Alyx then asks DR Mossmen to put the coordinates to Dr. Kleiner’s lab also positioning Eli on the Portal. But it seems she is up to something. She then enters the portal too and says: “I’m sorry Alyx this is the only way” Taking Eli with her. It seems she put Coordinates to another place beside Dr. Kleiner’s lab!

Now you and Alyx need to get out of there! But How? The only way is to restart the portal and try to go through there to Dr. Kleiner’s Lab because you are surrounded by soldiers. It does take a lot of time to reset the portal. Once it’s reset, You run in to the portal, Dr Kleiner is waiting for you on the other side! The Portal explodes right when you both are being Teleported.

You successfully made it to Dr. Kleiner’s lab! But where is he? He then appears very surprised to see you saying it’s been a week since the teleport exploded. How was this possible? He also tells you that Eli is being held prisoner in the Citadel and that Barney is trying everything he got to save him. And Dog made it to the Lab too! It seems you are going to help Barney and the Citizens reach the Citadel.


Anticitizen One

After a while you find some Citizens who are whiling to follow you. After this some CP show up, you fight them easily, but they are good at close range. Striders are the real problem though. You keep fighting the CP while other Citizens join you and some Combine Soldiers come to the fight as well. You need to go across a room full of radiation and hazardous water., good thing you have your H.E.V. suit.

Now, the all city seems to be a big battleground. The Citizens are trying very hard to fight the Combine as well, which is great because they see you as their leader. But the Combine are very powerful, even striders are in the road killing citizens. As you move closer to the Combine Citadel, it’s getting even more difficult to come across, because of the Combine defences getting stronger as you advance.

You hear a voice calling out your name. It’s Alyx again! She wants to join Barney so it can be easier to find her dad, so you go together. You came upon across a Combine generator which gives Combine the “upper hand” so you must disable it. It will take a few minutes until Alyx can expose the core of the generator then you must shut it down with a burst of your gravity gun. A lot of combine dropships and soldiers comes to stop you both, though. Even some Elite Overwatch come, but, fail to stop you.

Alex then climbs a building to find another path, the current one was destroyed. But the combine are on the top of the building so she gets captured too! She wanted you to get out of there so you go, sadly. More Elite Combine Soldiers come to stop you.

“Follow Freeman”


A citizen tells you that you are close to Barney. But he has been pinned down by snipers so you must help him. But first you need to reach him and it’s not gonna be easy with so many snipers. After you Kill the snipers with grenades, you join Barney on you way to the Citadel, but you are a bit far away yet.

It seems you have to shut down a place full of Combine enemies because they have a suppression field, in what used to be a Bank. But it can only be shut down from inside so you’re headed out there. If you can do this, the Citizens will be able to cross through there which will make a big difference in the battle. As soon as you started heading out there, you are spotted by the Combine. Now the suppression field will attack you but you manage to get inside the building.

Now you need to find the three generators that made the suppression field to work and disable them, but the place is full of combine soldiers, coming from the roof. You are able to shut down all generators and the suppression field and you’re headed to the roof. Now Barney is gonna stay behind opening the gates so everyone can come across.

You start to notice the Combine forces getting stronger, so you must be close to the Citadel. You reach the roof of the Museum.

A citizen tells you since you brought the suppressor down, the people can come across now and you gain some advantage. But you need to destroy the striders now. He said you got everything you need to destroy them, but it’s not gonna be easy, they take a lot of health very quickly! You are able to destroy 3 Striders! You enter a tunnel, but another one comes to chase you. You need to find more ammo for the rocket. After you find ammo you completely destroy the other one.

It seems you are very close to the Citadel! But nonetheless that’s where they are defending it with a lot more striders and Combine soldiers. You go out there to fight them! Everything is a mess. The City is in ruins and you need to reach the top of the building to find some rocket launcher ammo. But the striders and combine Soldiers are doing everything to stop you! You find ammo for the rocket, but even a dropship comes to stop you.

Strider pic here

After a very hard battle you defeated all the striders!

Now you need to get inside the Citadel. Barney Tells you that Alyx is a prisoner at the Citadel and Dog is with Barney. Dog opens you a hole in the ground so you can go through to the Citadel. Barney then tells you to say to Doctorn Breen: “F*ck You!”

Our Benefactors

You finally get inside the Citadel. And you go inside one of those things Eli was trapped with, to disguise yourself. You can’t even believe what you are seeing. It seems from another world, this place. All the humans they brought here they “transform” into stalkers. They are making dropships inside as well as sending more striders to the battlefield outside.

After this you are dropped in a security field. This will take all the weapons from you and destroy them. But wait… The gravity gun doesn’t get destroyed! And it looks different now, bluish. It seems it’s active all the time and that you can use it on everything now, as you test it on some combine soldiers. Fantastic!

Dr Breen then, “greets you” and says to you there is no place in society for a rogue Physicist. But you continue your way to destroy all the soldiers and move forward to an elevator. After you reach the top of the elevator, Dr. Breen asks you that you have destroyed so much, and if you can name even one thing that you have created…

But you continue to fight the soldiers, it’s just mind games he is trying to play with you. After this, they even send a strider to stop you, unsuccessfully. Dr. Breen then asks you if is worth it what you are throwing away.

You then get on the Combine transporter again but, this time you are spotted by a camera. You spot some very strange creatures you haven’t fought, on the transporter. You’re being moved to the highest place on the Citadel.

Dark Energy


Damn it! it seems you have been captured too! Dr. Mossmen then appears, saying it’s no point to struggle. If he wants to find you he will. You then see Dr Breen talking to Eli. When Eli sees you he is very surprised. Breen brags himself of catching you and Eli and also saying with the both of you in their keep he can make any bargain he wants with the Combine. He then refers as the people on the city 17 trying to find the combine as ” rebels on the streets” saying they should stop heir senseless struggle.

He wants to make Eli talk to the Citizens, so they stop their fight and blackmails him, showing Alyx is on their keep too. Then threaten them saying if they don’t do the right thing he will send them (ALyx and Eli) through a Combine portal!

Breen then talks to you saying you will be the new Leader and you will be a nice pawn for those who control you. Does he know about G-man? It seems so, he then mentions about the contract you have with g-man right after. He is about to send them through the Portal when something happens.

Judith stops him, but he calls the guards. She then tries to free you but he picks up the gravity gun, which was confiscated by the guards earlier. He uses the gravity gun on you and escapes with it. Judith then free you and everyone else. It seems you have one last mission. Stopping Breen to reach the Combine Portal! You go with Alyx.

Alyx then thanks you for coming after her and her dad. You see breen again talking with a Combine creature but he runs off again, but this time he leaves the gravity gun behind, so you catch it.You need to destroy the Portal Combine and stop Dr.Breen to reach it. Alyx says for you to the worst but to be careful.

You se Breen, he is saying that when he reaches the top, he will be teleported and you being so close to the Portal will be killed. So you’re headed to the top to try to destroy the Portal. Combine soldiers come to stop and delay you. You go as fast as possible!

You reach the Top. But the Portal is opening! You need to destroy it fast but even two dropships from the Combine World comes to destroy you! You re almost destroying the Portal and Breen warn you that you don’t know what you could unleash to think of the people below. Quite Ironic don’t you think?

You destroy the Portal successfully! Breen falls to the ground and dies saying: ” No you need me!” Alyx comes outside celebrating but you need to escape quickly. Do you still have…

“Time Dr. Freeman?” Everything stopped, and you hear a voice… I’ts Gman! He stopped the time. At least for you. He then says that you only just arrived, but you done a great deal in short time and that he has received “interesting offers for your services”. Then tells you that he will choose when to call you again for the next “service”. G-Man then leaves you, putting you into stasis again!

The End!

Final Thoughts

Sorry if the post was too big. I got carried away… This game was and will be one of my favorites because It has such a nice story, graphics (at least for 2004) and a lot of action!

So, next post will be shorter and it will be: “Half Life 2: Episode 1” which is the continuation of this one.

So stay tuned and “see you when I see ya”!